Santo Texas

Santo, Texas is a rural, unincorporated town located in Palo Pinto County approximately 21 miles southwest of Mineral Wells. Little known is just how many name changes it has had since the mid 1850’s! Originally named Grand Ranch, according to the TSHA Handbook of Texas website, it was later changed to Calgando and then to […]

Possum Kingdom Lake

Possum Kingdom Lake

Possum Kingdom Lake is a resort community approximately 30 miles west of Mineral Wells. Whether you are looking to live here all year long or just during the summer season, you can find what is right for you. From lakefront properties to condominiums, there are many communities within Possum Kingdom to choose from. You can […]

Palo Pinto

Palo Pinto Texas

The community of Palo Pinto, Texas is located about 12 miles southwest of Mineral Wells. Established around 1857, the original name was Golconda, but sometime after March of 1858, was renamed Palo Pinto. It has always been and remains our county seat with the Palo Pinto Courthouse being centrally located off of US Highway 180 […]

Mineral Wells

Mineral Wells Texas

Mineral Wells is the largest city in Palo Pinto County. Founded in 1877 by James Alvis Lynch, Mineral Wells eventually became famous as a resort and spa town due to it’s “healing” waters. By 1920, Mineral Wells had 400 mineral wells and was billed “as the South’s greatest health resort,” according to the TSHA Handbook […]


Millsap Texas

Millsap, Texas is a rural community located approximately 9 miles southeast of Mineral Wells, Texas. The last national census of 2020 shows a population of 477. Made up largely of farms and ranches, the town of Millsap was originally established as a stopping point on the stagecoach route between Weatherford and Palo Pinto. Located on […]


Graford Texas

Graford, Texas is a small community of approximately 647 people according to the 2020 national census. Located about 15 miles northwest of Mineral Wells, Graford is a rural community that interestingly derived it’s name (according to by combining neighboring cities GRAham and WeatherFORD. Graford is located halfway between each city. Graford Independent School District […]