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Santo Texas

Santo, Texas is a rural, unincorporated town located in Palo Pinto County approximately 21 miles southwest of Mineral Wells. Little known is just how many name changes it has had since the mid 1850’s! Originally named Grand Ranch, according to the TSHA Handbook of Texas website, it was later changed to Calgando and then to Cresco. After a horrible train crash due to the confusion of the name of Cresco versus another town called Cosco, the town changed it’s name again to Sparta. When the post office came in, they decided they didn’t like that name and denied the use of Sparta and chose Santo. The TSHA website is not sure if Santo was chosen for John Santo Statti, an agent for the Texas & Pacific Railway or for pioneer John Adam Santo. But, Santo it became and stayed!

The most recent population statistic that could be found on the motovo website, shows that Santo has a population of approximately 1604, including the surrounding farms and ranches. One of the most popular reasons that folks like to live in Santo is because of their school system. The school services pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade and many people like the small classes and individualized attention that the students receive.

Just like most of the rural communities in Palo Pinto county, Santo has a couple of small stores for grocery pickups, such as Tommy’s Convenience Store, the Santo Mercantile and one of my favorites, Kennedy’s Sausage Hometown Market. Kennedy’s has great specials and carries items from seasonings to milk to many different cuts of meats. They also carry fresh produce, eggs and soups. But, for your major shopping, many people go to Mineral Wells or hop on the interstate and head to Weatherford. It’s about a thirty minute drive.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Santo, please let me know! I’d love to share more details with you.

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