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New Rules for Mineral Wells City Parks

Mineral Wells City Park Rules

New Rules for Mineral Wells City Parks

The Mineral Wells City Council met and approved some new rules for our city parks.  I think that for most of our residents, we aren’t going to notice any type of interruption in our use of the parks.  As a matter of fact, most the these new rules seem to be typical for parks that I have visited in other areas.

The New Rules

  1. Mineral Wells City Parks will open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 10:00 p.m.
  2. No fires, firearms, alcohol or glass containers will be allowed. 
  3. The speed limit will be posted at 15 mph.
  4. No overnight parking.
  5. If you wish to ride your horses, you will need to get written permission.
  6. No commercial signs, but temporary signs for parties and reunions are allowed. 

Information About Some of the Rules

For the most part, the new rules for Mineral Wells City Parks are pretty self explanatory.  But, with regard to alcohol, there is an exception.  If you are having a special event and you would like to be able to have alcohol at the event, you may get permission with prior approval.  Just make sure you get approval well before your event.  It isn’t something where you can decide to have your party and get permission within minutes.

If you have any questions about the new rules and when they will go into affect, you can contact the City of Mineral Wells Parks and Recreation Department.  Their phone number is (940) 328-7805.  You can read the full article that was written in the Weatherford Democrat here.

Which Parks are Included?

So which Mineral Wells City Parks will be included with these new rules?  

  • West City Park
  • City Park located at the intersection of SE 15th St. and SE 4th Ave.  

The Texas Frontier Trails Western Heritage Park is not included in the new rules for Mineral Wells city parks even though it is located in Mineral Wells.  This park has a local board and is separate from the City of Mineral Wells Parks and Recreation.  It has been reported by the Weatherford Democrat that Texas Frontier Trails has adopted some similar rules though.  

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